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Equestrian Centre Price List

PRICE LIST PER PERSON – Equestrian Centre from 1st January 2017

Type of LessonLength of TimePrivate Lesson Semi Private
Group Lesson
Adult Lesson30 mins€36.00€33.00Please contact us for prices
Adult Lesson45 mins€49.00 €43.00 Please contact us for prices
Child \ Full Time Student Lesson30 mins€36.00€33.00 Please contact us for prices
Child \ Full Time Student Lesson45 mins€44.00 €37.00Please contact us for prices
Group Term Riding Lesson: 60 mins Horse Riding Lesson and 30 mins Stable Management90 minsn\an\a€33.00
Grooming Lesson / Stable Management Lesson – Adult / Child60 mins€20.00n\a€10.00
Equine Vaulting Sessions x 5 60 mins€75
Special Needs – Child / Adult Private Riding Lesson 30 mins €36.00n\an\a
Supported Helper Programme – Child / Adult60 mins€20.00n\a€10.00
Supported Helper Programme – Child / Adult30 mins€10.00n\a€5.00
Therapeutic Riding (TR) – Child / Adult 30 mins €36.00n\an\a
Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) – Child / Adult 60 mins €40.00n\a€60
Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) – Group of 2 or more (Referrals) 90 mins n\an\a€65.00
Children's Pony Camp - Half DayHalf Day€50
Children's Pony Camp - 1 Day1 Day€66
Children's Pony Camp - 2 Days2 Days€132
Children's Pony Camp - 3 Days3 Days€196
Children's Pony Camp - 4 Days4 Days€261
Children's Pony Camp - 5 Days5 Days€326
Children's Vaulting Clinic - 1 Day1 Day€65
Children's Vaulting Clinic - 1/2 Day1 Day€50
Children's Advanced Jumping Clinic - 1 Day1 Day€70

*Full Time Students applies to all ages who are studying full time and can produce their student id.

Lesson prices are subject to change so please confirm prices when booking your lesson.

All bookings require payment in advance unless a payment plan is in place between you and our accounts department. Please note we do not accept cash or cheque payments.

You can read the Festina Lente full Terms and Conditions by clicking here. You should carefully read all our Policies and our Terms and Conditions before commencement. By using the services provided by Festina Lente, you are agreeing, and you are signifying your agreement, to be bound by these terms and conditions.

Group Riding Lessons:

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All Equine Staffed Sessions and Lessons like our Private Lessons, Therapeutic Lessons, EAL, Vaulting, Pony Camps, Semi-private, Private Group Lessons, Stable Management, Supported Helper, Educational Helper Course, etc with the exception of Term Group Riding Lessons:

Click here to read more about the various ways how to pay for your lessons and our payment policies.

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