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Now is a a great time to plant garlic and onions to crop early summer of the following year. We have onion and garlic sets available now in our shop, ready for planting.

Planting instructions

After digging over soil and raking level, the garlic can be divided up into individual cloves.  Garlic cloves are pushed gently into soil at a spacing of around 4 inches apart (make sure not to push too far into the soil ! The tops should be visible on the surface. )

The onion sets are treated in the same way, only spacing should be around 4-5 inches if you wish to develop large onions. Slightly less for small onions at around 2 inches apart. Keep the spacing between rows at about 12 to 18inches.

Pricing of onions

Radar planting onion sets €2.00 a bag

Messidor planting Garlic €3.60 for three bulbs .