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Photo by Behzad Ghaffarian on UnsplashWhy You Should Design Your Garden to Attract Bees

Troubling research reveals that by 2030, a third of all Ireland’s bee species will be extinct. While urbanization is the biggest reason for the decline, there is also a lack of focus in developing new areas for these bees to flourish. As one of the key components in the life cycle of plant life on this planet, the protection of bees is an integral part of sustainability. Households have the opportunity to do their part to support this dwindling population with a simple solution: planting a bee-friendly garden.

How Bees Help You and Your Garden

Bees are natural pollinators and do wonders in the garden. But many consumers don’t realize that about a third of their meals rely on pollinators. This means that, even if the planting conditions are right, the soil is great, and sunlight sufficient, without a pollinator some plants won’t flourish. This includes apples, plums, and pumpkins which form quite a large part of a healthy diet. The pollination occurs when bees carry pollen from one plant to another of the same species and fertilization can take place.

Choose the Right Layout for Maximum Efficiency

One of the best ways to attract bees to a garden is by sprucing it up with as many native plants as possible. To get the most out of all the plants working together, it’s important to choose a layout that works. For instance, those who have the possibility of housing a hive in their garden should have it as far away from high-traffic areas as possible. Plants and flowers favoured by bees should be planted in close proximity to ensure that there is a small possibility of contact with humans and animals from a safety perspective.

Find the Ideal Plants to Attract Bees

While all plants can work together to make a garden beautiful, not all plants attract bees. One of the best plants to attract bees during the winter is the hedera or ivy. Crab apple, almond, hawthorn, willows, and others provide pollen during the rest of the year. For bees, it’s important to have a sustainable food source for survival which means it’s important to keep planting throughout the year. It’s also important to keep these plants as healthy as possible and organic pesticides where possible.

Not only are bees an essential component in the natural cycle of plant life, but also happen to sweeten the deal with delicious honey.

Article written by Alicia Anderson