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We are now offering Equine Vaulting Clinics during the school holidays for children alongside our normal Pony Camps.

The vaulting clinic is day where you can have fun, learn a lot of new skills and play with a horse in a very different way.

Children do not need to have horse riding experience to do our vaulting lessons.

Benefits of Vaulting

  • Vaulting as a sport has numerous benefits for all ages and abilities
  • Vaulting is a fun way for children to express their creativity.
  • Vaulting is a team sport and allows children to develop teamwork skills and make new friends.
  • Vaulting is physically challenging and both develops and maintains flexibility, strength, timing, balance and coordination.
  • Vaulting is an excellent training compliment to related sports such as horseback riding, gymnastics and dance.
  • Vaulting has proven to be of great therapeutic benefit for both persons with physical and mental disabilities.
  • Vaulting helps to develop a strong, healthy body and builds confidence, along with the benefit of contact with the horses on a psychological as well as physical level.

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During the day, you will cover a variety of things. These will include:

Working with the Vaulting Horse

In Festina Lente we have two very special vaulting horses, Monkey and Jelly. We have a third Fjord pony who is in vaulting training. While warming up the vaulting horse it is possible to introduce several funs activates and games.

When working on the horse you can practice at the new moves that you have learnt on the barrel.

As soon as you and the horse is warmed up it will be time to ride, and try out all of your new positions, compulsory moves on the horse

You will also have the opportunity to try out some free style moves, these can be done at a walk, a trot or if you would like to at a canter!


Fun can be had while doing several warm up exercises.

  • You will be working with the yoga mats, exercise balls and trampolines.
  • Working on stretches to warm up our muscles.
  • Exercises to improve your core strength and balance.
  • Aerobic exercises to improve your fitness level.
  • Games to improve your coordination and awareness of self and awareness of the horse.

Barrel work

The barrel is used before the vaulter works on the horse. Working on the barrel gives you the opportunity to learn how to perform the compulsory moves used in competitive vaulting.

These include the following:

  • The basic seat
  • The mill
  • The bench
  • The flare
  • The stand

The barrel is where you can also practice jumping on, and off in many ways.

As well as the compulsory moves, you can make you own free style sequence of moves, the barrel is the ideal place to do this so you can see what works for you before you take the moves to the horse

How do I find out more details including dates & times of the Equine Vaulting Clinics?

Please see below to view our dates, times, age groups of our Equine Vaulting Clinics.  Tel: (01)2720704 ext 201, Email: to find out more details and\or to book your child’s place.

Age GroupDescriptionDurationStart DateFinish DateTimePrice
Child (Age 5-15)Vaulting Clinic1/2 DayMonday 22nd June 2020Monday 22nd June 202010.30am to 1.00pm€50
Child (Age 5-15)Vaulting Clinic1/2 DayMonday 20th July 2020Monday 20th July 202010.30am to 1.00pm€50
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