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How do I make a booking?
Please contact the most appropriate member of staff to make a booking.  We have a variety of lessons available so we advise you read all the information on our website to find the most appropriate lesson type for you or give us a ring to discuss the different options.  You can find all our contact details by clicking here.
What is the minimum and maximum age for children?
We do private lessons and therapeutic riding for children as young as 18 months.  Term riders must be aged 5½ or over.  Anyone under 18 is charged the child rate.  Over 18’s that are in full time education with a student card can avail of our Student Rates.
What is your regular Timetable?
We book our regularly scheduled lessons as per the dates of the school calendar and these regularly scheduled lessons do not occur during the school holiday dates so any lessons during these holidays need to be booked separately.
What should my child or myself wear when Horse Riding?

Hats Most importantly all riders must wear a riding hat at all time when riding or handling our horses.  All protective headgear must be correctly fitting and secured and conform to current safety standards.  Hard Hats are available in Festina Lente but we cannot guarantee that we will have the size required at all times so regular riders are advised to purchase their own hats. Long hair should also be tied back.
Footwear Suitable footwear must be worn, horse riding boots are recommended, all footwear must have a smooth sole and a defined heel. Shoes with buckles, that are open toed, sandals, platform or ribbed soles, trainers or runners or high heels will not be permitted. Body Protectors Body protectors are strongly advised for horse riding and especially for jumping.  We have a small number of body protectors but we cannot guarantee size or availability so we recommend regular riders purchase their own.
Lower Body Riding trousers, leggings, tracksuit bottoms or trousers that offer freedom of movement are recommended.  Jeans are not advised as the seams can rub against the saddle and cause you discomfort and injury.  No shorts or skirts are allowed.
Upper Body Clothing should be suitable for the Irish weather conditions.  It is advisable that all jackets are waterproof and can easily closed and are not flapping.It is recommended that arms and shoulders be covered to minimise the risk of abrasions during a fall, even in hot weather. Loose clothing should be fastened so that it cannot flap about, to help prevent distractions to the horse or rider. Tight clothing may restrict free movement of the body.
Jewellery You should not wear Jewellery of any kind, anything you wear you do so at your own risk. It’s the parents or carers responsibility to check their child or charge isn’t wearing Jewellery.  Rings may become caught in the horse’s mane and cause cuts to the fingers, while earrings can become tangled in hairnets and may rip the ear lobe. Hands We strongly recommend that riding gloves are worn whenever riding and these are for sale in our garden shop. For everyone’s safety we do have the right to refuse a rider if suitable items are not worn at the time of the ride.

Equine Vaulting Information
  • The vaulter’s correct and safe outfit includes clothes that don’t have to be tight, but are form fitting to allow freedom of movement.
  • Jeans and sweatshirts with a hood are not recommended since they can interfere with gymnastic moves while mounted on the horse.
  • Long hair needs to be tied back in a ponytail
  • Jewellery needs to be taken off.
  • The appropriate footwear for beginners are inexpensive water shoes and competitive vaulters purchase shoes made specifically for vaulting.
What is the process for New clients?
All new clients at Festina Lente attending riding lessons must complete an assessment lesson before they can become a regular rider. All clients must complete an application form on booking their first lesson and are responsible for letting Festina Lente know if any details change thereafter. We can email it to you (All information received shall remain private and confidential). Please arrive 15 minutes before the start of the lesson to allow time for hat fitting and registration form completion (if you have not already filled it out and returned it to us).
How and When do I Pay?
All Equine Staffed Sessions and Lessons like our Private Lessons, Therapeutic Lessons, EAL, Pony Camps, Vaulting Clincs & Sessions, Semi-private, Private Group Lessons, Stable Management, Supported Helper, Educational Helper Course, etc All the above lessons or sessions must be paid for in full in advance.  You can Pay Online,  in person Monday to Friday in our riding school office or by contacting our Accounts Dept 01-2720704 ext 205 or emailing, please note we do not accept cash or cheque payments.  We have a monthly credit or debit card payment option, please contact our Accounts Dept 01-2720704 ext 205 or email for more details.  Click here to read more about the various ways how to pay for your lessons and our payment policies.

Group Riding Lessons Group Riding Lessons need to be paid in full in advance or we do have a number of payment options in place to facilitate spreading these payments in a manner that best meets individual circumstances which must be agreed with our accounts department prior to lesson start. You can Pay Online,  in person Monday to Friday in our riding school office or by contacting our Accounts Dept 01-2720704 ext 205 or email, please note we do not accept cash or cheque payments.  Click here to read more about the various ways how to pay for your group lessons and our payment policies.

How do I cancel a lesson and what is your cancellation policy?

As the horses/ponies are brought in from their grazing fields and tacked up in preparation for each lesson, we request that we are advised as far as possible in advance when a rider is unable to attend their lesson. NOTE: It is vitally important that if you can’t attend your lesson, please phone our riding school office Monday to Friday 9am-5pm  (01)2720704 ext 201 and for outside of these hours please ring our yard 01- 2720184. For private lessons, therapeutic riding, pony camps, EHP and EAL we operate a 24 hour cancellation policy, if you give us less than 24 hours notice you will be required to pay the full amount for that lesson. We do not offer credit, refunds or make-up lessons for term riding or our Supported Helper Programme (booked during school term time) however in the event of a medically certified illness and you can give us a medical certificate from a doctor; credit can be arranged on the account of the term rider or supported helper

Do you ride in all weathers?
We expect to ride in most conditions and appropriate clothing should be worn. Unless conditions are unsafe your lesson will go ahead. This will be at the discretion of management so if you have any questions please contact us.
Do you have any weight restrictions?
To maintain a high standard of horse welfare it is necessary for us to impose an upper weight restriction on riders. We do however have Troy our mechanical horse simulator for riders who are over our weight restriction 13st (this includes clothes and riding gear) depending on the ability and type of lesson. Please contact us for further details.
What is your smoking policy?
Festina Lente operates a No Smoking policy throughout its premises apart from the smoking shelter in the middle of the car park where an ashtray is provided.
Can my family and I watch the lesson?
For Indoor Lessons in our arena we have a viewing gallery for family and visitors.  We do ask that all children and dogs are kept under close supervision at all times.  We have a coffee shop in our gardens that you can purchase food and beverages.
Are dogs allowed in Festina Lente?
All dogs are welcome in Festina Lente but we do ask that all dogs be on a lead and kept under control at all times.  If the dog is disrupting or upsetting horses or humans you may be asked to remove your dog from the Equestrian Centre area.
Do you have Parking?
Parking is free and is available at Festina Lente in our designated car park. Maximum Speed on the premises is 10mph.  Please stop for any horses & riders on the avenue and let them go fully passed before you continue driving.
Do you do lessons for Large Groups?
Festina Lente offers discounted rates for large groups, please ring our riding school manger Clodagh Carey for more details. You can find all our contact details by clicking here.
What is your Health & Safety Policy?
Safety is our primary concern when working with and around horses, we always try to minimise the risk and all our visitors and riders must adhere to all health and safety rules at all time.  ALL instructions and signs from management and staff must be followed in the interest of safety. Horse Riding and working with horses is a risk sport. Clients and visitors must accept the risk of personal injury or loss for whatever reason, while attending all areas in Festina Lente.
What are your full Terms & Conditions?
You can read the Festina Lente full Terms and Conditions by clicking here.  We advise all our clients and visitors to read our Terms and Conditions.
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