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Group Riding Lessons


Group Horse Riding & Stable Management Lessons at Festina Lente

Group Horse Riding & Stable Management Lessons (Term Riding) consists of one hour horse riding tuition and half an hour stable management lessons for children from the age of 6 years. These lessons take place in a group.

At Festina Lente, we schedule our Term Riding timetable to coincide with the academic school year to facilitate children who wish to ride on a weekly or fortnightly basis. There are three terms of lessons every year.

Lessons can be every week or every second week, whichever suits you best. We have term lessons 6 days a week (Tuesday to Sunday) and have a variety of times to suit different levels and your schedule.

To ensure the best quality coaching, we maintain a maximum of eight children or less per riding group.

Our coaches work on the basis of positive reinforcement and use a range of learning aids with an emphasis on fun and learning.  Lunge Lessons are also provided.

Riders Levels & Assessments

All levels of riders are catered for in the various classes: Beginners, Beginner Improvers, Intermediate, Strong Intermediate and Advanced Levels.

All new term riders will be required to take a 1.5 hours assessment lesson in the group that we believe would work best for the rider, and we will adjust accordingly from there.

What will happen in any given Term?

All Festina Lente Coaches prepare their lesson plans in advance of each term.  These lesson plans are available on the Notice Boards of the gallery area of the Indoor School. Lesson plans will contain a variety of elements depending on the level of the class:

♦ Flatwork
♦ Jumping
♦ Lunging
♦ Dressage
♦ Cross country
♦ Long-lining
♦ Ground work
♦ Rider & Horse Safety

Our lesson plans also focus on the following areas:

♦ Self-confidence
♦ Personal responsibility
♦ Boundary setting
♦ Teamwork
♦ Communications
♦ Problem-solving
♦ Leadership skills

Focus of Stable Management

♦ Horse behaviour & body language based on the latest equitation science research
♦ how to work with a horse correctly
♦ how to see things as a horse sees them (this helps riders to understand how to communicate more effectively with a horse)
♦ horse feed and many other aspects of horse care.

What are the Term Riding hours & dates?

The school operates Tuesday to Sunday of every week during school term.

Lesson times are as following and must be booked in advance:

Tuesday to Friday: between 3:30pm & 6.30pm

Saturdays & Sundays: between 9:30am and 5:00pm

Current availability can be found here:

Is equipment provided?

We do insist that all riders’ hats are compliant with current BHS Standards.

Beginner riders are not required to have riding boots or hats; we have a limited supply available for these groups but we do advise all riders to purchase their own as we cannot guarantee availability.

Book a Place on Term Riding

We currently have some spaces available in our Group Riding Lesson timetable, please contact us to find out more details of available spaces: Tel: (01)2720704 ext 201, Email: to find out the most up date space availability or click here

Term Riding Fees

Each lesson is 1.5 hours and payment is for the total amount of lessons you book during each term. For example, a school term is 12 weeks so you pay for 12 lessons that term to ride every week. You have the option to ride every week or every second week.  Click here to view our Price List.

We have an online payment option –

Click here to Pay Online.

Click here to read more about the various ways how to pay for your term lessons and our payment policies.

We do have a number of payment options in place to facilitate spreading these payments in a manner that best meets individual circumstances.

As the horses/ponies are tacked up in preparation for each lesson, we request that we are advised as far as possible in advance when a rider is unable to attend their lesson. Credit is only given for missed lessons in the event of prolonged illness and a medical certificate is given.

Click here to read more about the various ways how to pay for your term lessons and our payment policies.

Who do I ring if I can’t make a lesson?

IMPORTANT: It is vitally important that if you can’t attend your lesson, please phone our Equestrian Centre office Monday to Friday 9am-5pm  (01)2720704 ext 201 and for outside of these hours please ring our yard 01- 2720184.  Our horses/ponies are brought in from their grazing fields and tacked up in preparation for each lesson which is why we would ask for as much notice as possible.

Festina Lente Equestrian Centre FAQ & our Terms & Conditions

Click here to read our Frequently Asked Questions.

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Find out more details about our Group Riding Lessons

Contact Clodagh at 01-2720704 ext. 201 or email:

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