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Mechanical Horse Simulator Training

Festina Lente is committed to delivering high quality coaching for people who wish to learn to ride in an emphatic and enjoyable way.

One innovative way we can help in this regard is through the use of an electronic mechanical Horse Simulator which we have named Troy.

Troy is a five-speed horse who can make transitions from walk to canter; buttons on his side allow the coach to control speed.

There are sensors for leg and rein control. The use of mirrors helps the rider to adjust position as necessary.

Troy is an effective learning tool because the rider can focus on one learning objective at a time without the typical distractions of a riding arena.

Troy is also an invaluable tool for people who feel anxious about riding a real horse, but who nonetheless want to ride.  Troy can also be used for riders who are above our maximum weight limit for our horses.

He is situated in a purpose-built area where riders also have the benefit of using different equipment items for pre-riding exercises.

Troy was sponsored through a combination of HSE Capital Grant and private sponsorship in 2007.  He was purchased from Racewood Equestrian Simulators in the UK.

The decoration of Troy’s room was sponsored by Dulux.  The painting was carried out by the trainees of Festina Lente’s Transition Training Programme.

For further information or to book a riding lesson on Troy please contact our Equestrian Centre office.

Tel: (01)2720704 ext 201.  Email:

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