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Mechanical Horse Simulator Training

Festina Lente is committed to delivering high quality coaching for people who wish to learn to ride in an encouraging and enjoyable way.

One innovative way we achieve this is through the use of our electronic mechanical Horse Simulator named Troy.

Troy gives riders the opportunity to practice their walk, trot and canter. Troy allows the riders to practice making both upward and downward transitions of all three paces and includes the halt.

Troy can be controlled in his upward and downward paces either by the use of a control panel on his side, or the rider can have full control with both the use of the reins (which act on a rein sensor) and the use of their legs (which acts on the pad sensors under the rider’s calf).

There are many benefits to working with Troy. For learners, Troy allows the rider the time to become familiar with the following:

  • Understanding their basic position.
  • The use of aids in an upward transition and a downward transition.
  • Finding their centre of gravity and balance.
  • Developing their stamina and their fitness level.
  • Improving confidence, especially on transitions.
  • Improving co-ordination and harmony
  • Having fun while riding!
  • For a rider who exceeds the weight limit for our horses of 13 stone, Troy can accommodate riders who might be a little heavier

Troy  is situated in a purpose-built area where riders also have the benefit of using different equipment items for pre-riding exercises. These include the following:

  • Mirrors to the side and in front of Troy
  • Balancing balls
  • Balancing boards
  • Reins (to work on a light allowing contact)
  • Images of centred riding
  • Images of body stretches to encourage flexibility within the rider’s positioning
  • Images of William Micklem’s go rules.

Troy was sponsored through a combination of HSE Capital Grant and private sponsorship in 2007.  He was purchased from Racewood Equestrian Simulators in the UK.

For further information or to book a riding lesson on Troy please contact our Equestrian Centre office.

Tel: (01)2720704 ext 201.  Email:

Troy the mechanical horse in action.
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