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Beginner Level Pony Camps Content

During school holiday periods one of the activities that we offer in our Equestrian Centre are Pony Camps.

There are different camps based on levels of experience and ages and we cater for children & young people from the age of 4 years upwards under the constant supervision of our qualified and experienced coaches. We keep the numbers of our camps very small so that your child will receive lots of 1-to-1 attention and also for safety reasons.

Our Beginner Level Pony Camps are a great fun and positive way to introduce your child to horses & ponies, learn how to horse ride and learn all about taking care of the horses and ponies.

We offer Beginner Level Pony Camps for children who will take part in horse riding lessons and learn horse care and stable management as part of the camps.  This will all be done with support from our wonderful experienced coaches and helpers throughout the camp duration. We do riding lessons in our indoor and outdoor arenas as well as doing trail riding outside in our sensory trail. In the afternoons we do pony games depending on the length of the camp your child is attending.

What will your child learn?

*Depending on the length of the camp your child will learn and do the following:

Horse Riding Lessons:

  • Learn how to prepare your pony for riding sessions which includes preparation of your pony and tacking up with bridle and saddle.
  • Learn how to correctly and safely mount a pony using a mounting block & stirrups and how to dismount safely and correctly.
  • Learn how to walk, steer and halt your pony and learn the two point position and learn how to trot.
  • Learn how to improve your balance, position and rhythm on a pony.

Horse Care & Stable Management Lessons:

  • Learn how to safely work around horses and ponies in a stable yard.
  • Learn how to safely approach and handle a pony.
  • Learn how to put on a riding hat & boots.
  • Learn about pony behaviour & how they communicate with each other.
  • Learn how to lead a pony in hand and learn how to guide a pony to go where you want it to.
  • Learn about the different types of saddles and bridles and how to take care of them.
  • Learn how to prepare a pony for riding and tack up correctly.
  • Learn how to care for your pony and it’s needs.
  • Learn take care of a stable and muck out.
  • Learn how to groom a pony, why it is important and the different types of grooming kit needed.
  • Learn about the different types of feed & hay and how and when to use them to feed your pony.
  • Learn how to identify the different colours of horses and their markings.

* Please note the content of the Beginner Level Pony Camps will be decided by the duration of the camps especially the horse care & stable management lessons due to time limitations, ie the 3 Day Pony Camp will learn the above content and get two horse riding lessons per day, our half day introduction camp will get an overview of the above content and one horse riding lesson.  Content will also be adjusted to the age of the riders attending.

How do I find out more details including dates & times of our pony camps?

Please click here to view our dates, times, age groups and how to book your child’s place on one of our pony camps.

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