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Intermediate Level Pony Camps Content

During school holiday periods one of the activities that we offer in our Equestrian Centre are Pony Camps.

There are different camps based on levels of experience and ages under the constant supervision of our qualified and experienced coaches. We keep the numbers of our camps very small so that your child will receive lots of 1-to-1 attention and also for safety reasons.

We offer Intermediate Level Pony Camps for children who will take part in horse riding lessons improving their riding skills and learn horse care and stable management as part of the camps.  This will all be done with support from our wonderful experienced coaches and helpers throughout the camp duration.

We do riding lessons in our indoor and outdoor arenas as well as doing trail riding outside in our sensory trail and our camps are not dry weather dependent.

What will your child learn?

*Depending on the length of the camp your child will learn and do the following:

Horse Riding Sessions in Flat Work & Jumping:

  • Recap on adjusting own stirrups and girth
  • Discussion on how to ride both upward and downward transitions
  • Recap on diagonals in the trot
  • Recap on the two point seat and its benefits
  • Look at how the riders position can help the balance of the rider
  • Learn how to warm up and cool down your horse
  • Learn the benefits of pole work, walking poles, trot poles
  • Planning gymnastic jumping, i.e. place poles to cross poles.
  • How to ride a related distance
  • Working towards jumping a small course at the end of the week

In Hand Lesson:

  • Recap on what is already learnt in previous experience.
  • Refresh leading/big bubble.
  • Learn the importance of pressure and release.

Horse Care & Stable Management Lessons:

  • Recap on the use of grooming tools and the method of grooming
  • Recap on the mucking out tools and uses for various types of bedding
  • Different types of bedding and bedding systems
  • Learn the fitting and use of different types of equine boots
  • Learn about lunge equipment and how to fit it
  • Learn the benefits of lunging
  • Learn how to recognise good/ill health:
    1. Pulse
    2. Temperature
    3. Respiration
    4. Skin condition
    5. General condition

* Please note the content of the Intermediate Level Pony Camps will be decided by the duration of the camps especially the horse care & stable management lessons due to time limitations, ie the 3 Day Pony Camp will learn the above content and get two horse riding lessons per day.  Content will also be adjusted to the age of the riders attending.

How do I find out more details including dates & times of our pony camps?

Please click here to view our dates, times, age groups and how to book your child’s place on one of our pony camps.

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