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Equestrian Vaulting Ireland is holding the first of the annual competitions in Festina Lente, on Sunday 23 February 2020. All are welcome to attend and see our vaulters in action!

The competition starts at 10am in the morning with the barrel class. This will run for an hour, and then a short break, followed by the beginner pre novice compulsories on the horse.

Then at 11.30am is the pre-novice horse class (these is for children who have been vaulting for three years).

At 12pm the novice compulsory class is on, followed by the pre-novice squad (this will be a team of 4-6 vaulters)

This will be followed by a lunch break, and barrel prize giving.

The pairs freestyle on the horse starts at 1.15pm, followed by the individual freestyles on the horse.

Then a short break.

3.15pm will be the canter classes, followed  by the squad (4-6 vaulters) on a horse and finishing up at about 4.00pm for prize giving.

All together there will be three different teams, and a total of 36 vaulters.

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