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Festina Lente are delighted to run equine assisted learning workshops which will explore the challenges of parenting and examine how best we can manage ourselves when difficult situations arise.

The workshops will address how to set boundaries, the need for consistency and clarity in how we communicate our wishes to our teenage child.

Workshops are intended for parents of teenagers between 12 and 18 years of age.

Equine Assisted Learning involves working with horses within an arena space and does not involved horse riding. No horse knowledge or experience is necessary. 

Testimonials from 29th March

Emer, mum of 3 children:
I thoroughly enjoyed the equine assisted learning for mothers morning. I realised just how receptive the horse was to my actions. I was reminded that a horse can feel human body language, heart rate, eye contact and gestures and because they react to the moment they give you constant feedback on your actions which is a fantastic way to self-assess. We also worked as a group with the horses in the same conditions and when we worked well together the horses were in total harmony with us. I intend to use what I learned to observe my children’s behaviour around me and my husband and try to be more in harmony with them and try to create a calm environment as often as I can. I strongly recommend the session.

Perrine, mum of 3 children:
Such an amazing experience this was for me being terrified of horses. I absolutely loved every minute of being in their company, found it very calming and soothing. I keep thinking of that morning how much these animals were generous with their kindness & presence! To my surprise, I loved the bigger horse. Through different exercises, I became calmer, & connected with her!
I have 2 teenagers at home, with all the challenges that come with it & this experience underlined very much we as parents the need to sync, tune in with our children/family in order to be able to support them, guide them and be happy.
The workshop was a difficult situation for me as I had to figure out how to overcome my fear and still communicate, guide, set boundaries, show determination to these very big animals with clarity and calm.
Thanks to Jill, I really overcame this huge challenge & am so grateful for that. Big huge thank you to your beauties.

Click here for further details on Equine Assisted Learning and what it entails.

Friday 7th June 2019
Friday 18th September 2019
Friday 15th November 2019

Time: 9:30am – 1:00pm

Cost per person: €60.00. 

Maximum of 5 parents per group

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