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Company Team Building – Looking for a Fresh Perspective on Teamwork?

Step outside the boundaries of corporate culture and into a flexible environment which allows you and your colleagues more time and space to explore how you work with each other. Join us for a session or two of Equine Assisted Coaching. Unlike other meetings, this one will be chaired by our equine friends at Festina Lente.  As active participants within EAL sessions, horses are instrumental in showing us the reality of any situation at hand. Their non judgemental and immediate feedback makes them the perfect learning partners.

Equine Assisted Coaching can offer your company clear insights on:

  • Leadership & Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Personal Growth – Social & Emotional Intelligence
  • Problem Solving
  • Identifying corporate challenges and opportunities
  • Finding solutions and a way forward

Our facilitators are widely experienced in delivering professional education & skills training.  They can help you explore real day to day business challenges and ultimately customise a learning solution to meet your needs.

Why work with horses? 

As prey animals horses are constantly monitoring their environment and the people in it.

To protect their safety, horses are keenly aware of our emotional, mental and physical state at all times leading them to adapt their behaviour accordingly.

By observing this behaviour and their natural responses we can develop enough self awareness to monitor and fundamentally change our own behaviour, actions and intentions.

By virtue of their sheer size even the smallest responses can seem amplified.

Respect, trust and willingness from horses come only by demonstrating authenticity in our actions and clear, consistent communication.

Do I need experience with horses?

No – absolutely no experience of working with horses is required. The sessions are delivered by two people: a session facilitator and an equine advisor.

Equine Assisted Coaching utilise ground based activities only – no horse riding involved. No prior horse knowledge or experience required.

Is it safe?

Completely– the horses that work at Festina Lente are very well habituated to working with groups of people. Additionally, the role of the equine advisor is to ensure the safety of both people and horses.

I’d like to book a session

Full and ½ day corporate packages available.  (Includes chalet hire, lunch, learning materials, tea, coffee and refreshments.)

Contact us now to arrange your Equine Assisted Coaching Day:

Dr Jill Carey, CEO Festina Lente, or T: 012720704 or 086 354 9755.

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