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Mobile Equine Outreach Programme

Festina Lente is delighted to announce our new Mobile Equine Outreach Programme which brings Equine Learning & Benefits to the Wider Community!

Programme Elements:

  • Equine Assisted Learning Sessions
  • Social & Emotional Well-being
  • Equine Care & Management Education

Locations offered:

We will be offering our services to the following organisations in the Leinster Area:

  • DEIS Schools
  • Special Needs Schools & Centres
  • Nursing Homes & Care Homes and Centres
  • Mental Health Hospitals & Centres

Programme Availability:

This programme is available on Wednesdays.

Booking Information:

Please click here for the Mobile Equine Outreach Enquiry Form.

To find out more information on this programme or to enquire about booking this programme please contact:
Programme Co-ordinator: Siofra Hayes Moriarity
Tel: 0877458091