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Thank you for seeing how you can help Festina Lente charity.

There are many ways you can get involved with Festina Lente charity, from fundraising and donating, to volunteering or attending one of our events.

Whether you’re volunteering your skills or raising money on our behalf we’re always extremely grateful for the thought and effort made by everyone who contributes to the running and success of our foundation.

Festina Lente provides a unique range of equestrian and horticultural activities, training, recreational events and employment services & options with a strong emphasis on social inclusion, choice and personal development. Festina Lente is a registered Irish Charity currently based in Bray, Co Wicklow and offers a variety of services in our Equestrian Centre, Equine Assisted Programmes, Walled Gardens, QQI Courses & Day Service.

Festina Lente aims to create a welcoming environment where we can deliver the very best, training, recreational events and employment services tailored to an individual’s needs in order to support them to achieve their full personal and vocational potential. Festina Lente is open to everyone and we welcome without exception each person who comes to us and we treat everyone with dignity irrespective of their background or abilities.

Our staff are dedicated to responding to individual needs and provide world class services for those who need us and we strive try to ensure that the services provided meet the highest international standards.

Festina Lente (Latin) means Hasten Slowly and is the Plunket family motto. We adopted this as the name of our organisation in 1995 because it conveys our culture perfectly.

Festina Lente has further plans and intends to continue to develop the Festina Lente Campus & Walled Gardens as part of the full services of our charity as well as offering more education and training programmes.

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