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Are you a student looking to do an internship for 6 weeks full time or longer?

Festina Lente non profit charity is known for its work with humans, horses and horticulture through a varied and innovative range of equine related and horticultural activities and Festina Lente offers invaluable opportunities to gain experience in your chosen field in our internships programme. If you wish to do Work Experience with us which is less than 6 weeks or not full time then please click here to go to our Work Experience Application page.

Internship Areas & Criteria:

Festina Lente Equestrian Centre:

Our Equestrian programmes below are part time so interns may choose a combination so that they are working full time, ie Therapeutic Riding & Equestrian Centre Yard & Lesson Assistant or Supported Helpers Programme & Equine Facilitated Educational Programme or Supported Helpers Programme & Equestrian Centre Yard & Lesson Assistant, etc.  All interns in our Equestrian Centre will also be expected to help in the yard and lessons as well as their chosen programmes.  All Internship Students for the Equestrian Centre must have experience working with horses and managing their care in a stable environment unaided (mucking out, grooming, leading & tacking up) and want to work with people of all abilities.  We take in applications throughout the year.


Equestrian Centre Therapeutic Riding Internship

Interns will gain valuable perspective on the role of the Therapeutic Riding Coach through observation and mentorship. This placement is suitable, but not limited to, students studying Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Physical Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Special Education and Social Care. Other degree’s can also be considered.

Through full participation in all aspects of the Therapeutic Riding Service the intern can gain knowledge on the benefits of Therapeutic Riding (ie: the physical, sensory, social, cognitive, and psychosocial benefits), organisation and management of sessions and  therapeutic goals (when appropriate, under direct supervision) disability (interns will assist with a broad spectrum of children and adults with varying levels of abilities and difficulties), management and welfare of the therapy horse/pony and stable management.  This is a part time programme.

Equestrian Centre Supported Helpers Programme Internship

The Supported Helper Programme involves children, teenagers or adults with special needs or with social difficulties in everyday equine care tasks such as mucking out stables, grooming, bringing ponies in and out of the fields, and other tasks associated with the care and management of ponies and horses. Supports are tailored to the learning style and ability of each person and staff to participant ratios range from 1:1 to 1:3. The programme has been reported to increase confidence and self-esteem, social awareness and has also improved social relationships.  This is a part time programme in the afternoons.

Interns who choose this programme will work alongside one/two experienced Facilitators and assist in the running of the session where clients will experience all aspects of equine care.

Involvement in this programme is suitable for interns studying social sciences, education or studies which include and emphasis on the value or need of social and emotional competencies. 

Equestrian Centre Equine Facilitated Educational Programme Internship

The Equine Facilitated Educational Programme focuses on the social and emotional learning of primary school children (usually 8-12 years of age). Each week a maximum of three children from four different local schools attend the programme and work in the Equestrian Yard and the Walled Gardens. Interns who choose this programme will work alongside one/two experienced facilitators and assist in the running of the session where children will experience all aspects of equine pony care and also learn about gardening through the management of an allotment.

This programme has a strong emphasis on the core competencies for social and emotional learning including self-management, social awareness and responsible decision making so all sessions are centred around these.

Involvement in this programme is suitable for interns studying social sciences, education or studies which include and emphasis on the value or need of social and emotional competencies.  

This is a part time programme in the mornings during the school year.

Victorian Walled Gardens, Garden Centre, Snackbar & Gift Shop and General Maintenance:

Internship students for our Victorian Walled Gardens, Garden Centre, Cafe & Gift Shop and General Maintenance must be age 16 or over and enjoy working with people of all abilities.  We take in applications all year round for garden & general maintenance & to work in our snackbar, gift shop & garden centre.  Our children’s workshops & camps are weekends and during the school holidays only.

Children's Workshops & Events Internship

To assist with developing and running workshops for children’s camps events and birthday parties.  Festina Lente holds a wide range of seasonal events for children throughout the year in the gardens and workshop rooms.

Job Description:
As an intern you:

  • Will have the opportunity to gain first-hand experience working with children of all abilities.
  • Will assist with and facilitate Creative Group Workshops
  • Will assist with summer camp programming
  • Have a Strong interest in art, crafts
  • Will experience working with families and community groups.
  • Must enjoy working with children age 5-12 years and helping them with their craft workshops and outdoor events.
  • Must be available during school holiday times
  • Will research and practice to incorporate purposeful play and educational activities that develop skills in young children such that they are age appropriate and include an education and craft component.
  • The intern will be required to complete a Child protection On Line Course and to be Garda Vetted.
Horticulture Internship

To assist with maintenance and upkeep of Festina Lente Walled Victorian Gardens and general grounds.

Job Description:
As an intern you:

  • Will have the opportunity to gain hands on experience working with our horticulturists and garden maintenance staff on the maintenance and upkeep of Festina Lente gardens.
  • To assist in the propagation, planting and maintenance of plants for our ornamental, sensory and kitchen gardens as well as plants for sale in our garden centre.

Training Programme for Adults with Intellectual and Learning Disabilities Internship

Our Transition Training Programme is a three year HSE funded rehabilitative training programme which aims to provide trainees with a range of vocational and leisure related experiences. After the three years trainees will be able to make a well informed choice regarding further training or employment. Students will achieve QQI Level 3 modules in Communications, Personal Effectiveness, Functional Math, I.T., Career Preparations, Personal Finances, Personal and Interpersonal skills, Health and Fitness, Arts and Crafts, Personal Care and Presentation, and a range of other modules. Students can also participate in literacy classes, stable management, manual handling course , first aid, drugs awareness, cookery and a broad range of sport and recreational activities. There are regular day trips and community activities as well as an annual 3 day trip away. At the end of the programme they will receive a QQI FETAC Level 3 certificate for the modules they have completed. If they complete the required number of modules they will receive a QQI Level 3 Certificate in General Learning.  This is only a part time position.

Training Programmes for Adults with Intellectual and Learning Disabilities Internship

Internship students for our Training Programmes for Adults with Intellectual and Learning Disabilities must be age 18 or over and enjoy working with people of all abilities.

Interns will gain valuable knowledge and insight into the practices and procedures surrounding our Rehabilitate Training programme for adults with intellectual disabilities, learning disabilities and dual diagnosis. This will be achieved through working alongside and supporting the Facilitators deliver person centred programmes for the men and women who attend the services. Interns will also support the Facilitators deliver programmes which aim to promote personal responsibility and self–worth.

Through working with new direction and guidelines currently in place for people with disabilities, Interns will learn different approaches and methods of supporting the men and women achieve their goals around independent living, health and fitness, family and relationships, education, training, volunteering and work experience. The placement is suitable for, but not limited to, students studying Social Care, Social work or Disability Studies degrees/masters. This placements is a one day a week Internship so may be combined with our other programmes.

Office Administration & Marketing

Office Administration & Marketing

Internship students for our office administration must be age 18 or over and Microsoft Windows & Office computer experience.

Application Information

Internship Application Procedure:

Application forms for Internship need to be submitted at least 3 months prior to desired start date.

Due to the large number of people who apply for Internship we have an admissions protocol.

All applications submitted are dealt with once a week by part time staff therefore it is imperative that you allow yourself plenty of time before your desired start dates, we would request your patience with your application.

All applications must be made on our Internship Application Form. This allows us to have all information correctly filed; it also allows us to match expectations as closely as possible.

Application forms that are not fully completed, signed and with all the relevant information will NOT be processed and we will not be contacting anyone with incomplete forms.

On receipt of Internship applications, you can expect the following:

  • You must provide 2 referee’s
  • You may be requested to give additional information relating to your experience
  • You will be invited attend an informal interview either face to face or by telephone.
  • You will be get notification of your acceptance if suitable or advice relating to training if needed.
  • On the first day, you will be invited to an induction with staff.

Please note that this is not a paid internship and accommodation will have to be found privately by the student.  

We request that all interns adhere to the dress code at Festina Lente. 

Equestrian Centre interns should wear a navy or black polo shirt, navy or black jumper or fleece, comfortable sturdy outdoor boots and navy or black trousers or denim jeans or navy, cream or black jodhpurs if working in the riding school.

You are required for Health and Safety reasons to wear reinforced safety boots in the Garden or if doing maintenance. We also recommend you wear appropriate gardening gloves while working with the soil.

All students should have in their possession weather appropriate water proof clothing, and jewellery is not permitted on the yard, garden or general maintenance areas.

We do not recommend you bring any valuables to Festina Lente.  Mobile phones are not permitted in any of the riding school areas. 

Internship Application Forms

Click here to apply to do your Internship at Festina Lente. 


If you have any queries please contact (Andrea works Monday to Thursday 9:30am – 2pm)


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