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Our Child & Vunerable Adult Protection Policy

Festina Lente is committed to safeguarding the rights of children & vulnerable adults, particularly those for whom we provide services. Festina Lente’s duty of care is to provide a safe place for children & vulnerable adults and in ensuring they are protected from any form of abuse. The welfare of the child & vulnerable adults is paramount in our decisions, activities and programmes that are provided to children & vulnerable adults at Festina Lente. We also apply the same level of care to children & vulnerable adults on work experience placements or on other external outings or placements.

Child & Vulnerable Adults Protection Policy Statement
It is the Policy of Festina Lente to provide all activities and programmes in such a way that the protection, safety and welfare of children & vulnerable adults is respected and maintained at all times. Festina Lente recognises that the welfare of children & vulnerable adults is paramount, regardless of all other considerations. Festina Lente acknowledges the rights of children & vulnerable adults to be protected, treated with respect, listened to and have their own views taken into consideration.

The Designated Liaison Person (DLP) for reporting allegations or suspicions of child or vulnerable adult abuse in Festina Lente is:
Sabrina Tierney
Tel:01 272 0704 (ext. 207)
The DLP is also a resource for any staff member or volunteer who has child or vulnerable adult protection concerns.

Children First National Guidance for the Protection and Wellbeing of Children 2017


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